ansthruther : Pandora's Box

That movie was absolutely beautiful but also very sad (I don’t want to spoil the ending for anyone who hasn’t seen it). I adore Louise Brooks!

But I think I like Diary of a Lost Girl a bit more just because it’s not nearly as sad at the end.

Anonymous : Hello,
I would like to know if I may use the beautiful photographic images on your website in my artwork. That artwork would be available on Zazzle for one-of-a-kind, print-on-demand products, particularly humorous greeting cards. The designs would not go into mass production. In all case I would credit the photo in the same way you have, for example, " Image Source: Tout le Cine." Thank you.

Perhaps I should have explained this earlier on - I claim no ownership to the photos I post on this blog - they belong to their respective owners. If you want to use the images, I’m not the right person to ask.

historiful : Thank you very much for recommending Historiful to the Tumblr directory! I appreciate it! Many hugs and wishes!

You’re welcome! Your blog has always been worthy of more recognition - I think I started following Historiful shortly after you started it and I’ve always loved it.

Anonymous : wow i feel stupid writing on anyones tumblr.
but i loveeeeee yours, and i love the idea behind it!

No reason to feel stupid, I think most people like getting Tumblr messages.

And thank you!

Anonymous : Most excellent! Thank you for this wonderful treat. Such great talent.

This had to be a major undertaking on your part. Hundreds of hours logged I'm sure.
It was time well spent. Your presentation is perfect and so wonderfully organized.
Job well done.

Thank you so much.

hewhocannotbesketched-deactivat : Hi, I have been thinking about painting a classic film heroine but not sure who... why dont you suggest one and I shall paint it... if you want :D

Wonderful! Well, I think you should choose someone who you find particularly fascinating or iconic. I think Greta Garbo has some really nice portraits, but…choose someone you really like :)

hewhocannotbesketched-deactivat : I love your blog. I feel guilty because I always want to reblog it.. like every single entry... feeling guilty.

Thank you! I really like this painting of yours by the way - the colors are wonderful. If you ever make a painting of a classic film star please let me know.

Are there any female movie stars who you’d consider to be prototypes of the “classy broad who knows her booze”?

Question asked by @nictate

Please answer with any ideas you get! =)

Anonymous : Where can I watch Une femme est une femme online?

You can watch it on YouTube here. I hope you like the movie as much as I do!

Anyone here a film noir enthusiast?

I will soon be starting a project on film noir, and I may need some people to interview.
If you don’t have Tumblr, you can also reach me on Twitter @cfheroines.

Thank you in advance =)
- Nadia

Anonymous : You need some Mae West up in this!

Thank you for the suggestion, Anonymous - I’ll definetely be putting a picture of Mae West here now that you’ve mentioned it.

Suggestions are always welcome! Feel free to send me a message if you think I’m missing someone.